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Prachovské skály

Prachovské skály (Prachovské rocks), lying within walking distance from our guest house, are with certainly the most famous rocks in the Czech Republic with more than 200 large rock towers and countless other rocks.

We can reach Prachovské skály from the rock castle Pařez, that is situated at the edge of our village. In addition  to viewing the rock town, a visit to the ruins of this rock castle is also possible.

In the centre of the rocks there is Turistická chata, where you can find refreshment in the buffet restaurant with a pleasant outdoor seating. Nearby is former swimming pool U Pelíška. Pelíšek is a mythical figure, the guardian and protektor of Prachovské skály, and his statue can be seen at the swimming pool.

Entrance to the rock town from Tusistická chata is subject to entrance fee. The entire area is crisscrossed by marked walking trails. Tourist trails lead both to the lower labyrinth of passages as well as along the upper rocky ridges. There are two routes passing through the rock town from Turistická chata (Small Route or Large Route).

Prachovské skály are a site of lasting impressions to everyone who visits them.  The most popular places in the rock town are Vyhlídka míru (Lookout Point of Peace), Vyhlídka Českého ráje (Lookout Point of Bohemian Paradise), Vyhlídka prof. Hakena (Lookout Point of Prof. Haken), Madona s děťátkem (rock formation Madonna with Child), Prachovská jehla (Prachov Needle), Císařská chodba (Caesar’s hall), Americká sluj (American cave) and many others.

Small Route: 1,5 km
Large Route: 5 km
Pařez castle-Turistická chata: 2,5 km

Prachovské skály tourist information centre

April-October Mon – Sun 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Prachovské skály entrance fee

Adults: 100,00 CZK
Families (2 + 2): 250,00 CZK
Children, students, seniors, disabled: 50,00 CZK
Dogs: 10,00 CZK